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Alexander DiJulio Proudly Presents “Of Light And The Absence Of”: A Captivating New Exhibition by Grason Ratowsky set in the iconic Hedda Sterne Studio

Alexander DiJulio is proud to announce a solo exhibition featuring new paintings by artist Grason Ratowsky, set to debut at the iconic Hedda Sterne Studio in East Hampton, NY—an environment steeped in palpable artistic history. This legendary space, frequented by some of the 20th century’s most prominent art figures and luminaries, provides an evocative backdrop for the exhibition. Ratowsky’s works effortlessly blend with the studio’s ambiance, a respectful nod to the walls that silently observed the evolution of art history.

Embarking on this captivating journey, we delve into Grason Ratowsky’s singular artistic repertoire, building upon the successes of recent exhibitions in Korea and Spain, which have left an indelible mark on art enthusiasts. Ratowsky’s third exhibition this year signifies a return to his artistic origins in New York. Through his distinct artistic language, he invites viewers to explore the intricate tapestry of the human condition.

Ratowsky’s works now hold a steadfast place in esteemed global collections, underscoring his role as an artist of solid resonance. This exhibition not only highlights Ratowsky’s emergence as a rising luminary in the contemporary art scene but also pays homage to East Hampton’s enduring role as a hub of artistic inspiration and innovation. The collaboration between Ratowsky and DiJulio bridges past and present, reshaping artistic narratives within the cherished Hedda Sterne Studio—an embodiment of heritage and its enduring relevance.

Gallery: Alexander DiJulio Gallery at The Hedda Sterne Studio
Curator: Alexander Dijulio

Hedda Sterne & The Irascibles

“Of Light And The Absence Of”
New York Chapter

Step into the transcendent realm of Grason Ratowsky’s latest singular style exhibit, “Of Light and the Absence Of,” in East Hampton under the thoughtful curation of Alexander DiJulio. This exhibition marks the thrilling culmination of the concept umbrella “In Each of Us There Are Many,” where Ratowsky weaves realizations to create an exciting new body of work specific to this location. A mesmerizing exploration of expressionism awaits, pushing beyond the confines of the physical and metaphysical. Ratowsky’s paintings burst with life, emanating an electric energy that draws viewers into a captivating dance of vivid colors and raw emotions.

Within this vibrant tapestry, Ratowsky’s artistic movements go beyond mere subject representation; they beckon us to feel the very essence of light and its absence. With each brushstroke, Ratowsky guides our emotions, allowing us to immerse ourselves in the interplay of brightness and shadow. Confident bursts of color reveal a profound truth—the shadows that haunt our inner selves are not entities themselves; instead, they arise from the lack of illumination. Amidst bold splashes of luminous pigments cascading across the canvas like beacons of hope, there exist areas of depth and obscurity—the shades that linger at the fringes of the light’s embrace.

As we navigate “Of Light and the Absence Of,” a poignant realization takes hold—the core of our being transcends mere luminance; it resides in the delicate balance of both radiant light and mysterious shadows. Ratowsky’s paintings serve as a testament to the beauty found in this interplay, unveiling the profound depth and complexity of the human experience. Embracing this delicate balance allows us to embark on a journey of emotional exploration, where moments of joy intertwine harmoniously with contemplative obscurity. The exhibition becomes a reminder of the transformative power of experiencing the artworks on an emotional level, seeking harmony within our beings, and celebrating the interplay of light and darkness that lies within us. Ratowsky’s singular style, which invites us to feel within the works rather than merely cognitively identifying the subject matter, summons us to embrace our multifaceted nature, acknowledging that it is in the union of all our elements that we truly discover the fullness of our existence.

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