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“In Each Of Us There Are Many”
Seoul, Ibiza, New York

For the 2023 conceptual series, Grason Ratowsky created three separate but interrelated bodies of work that all convey the overarching concept that “In each of us there are many”. Humans are incredibly multidimensional. We are built to adapt. To mold. To shift given each scenario. To evolve in one’s self and externally with others.

What do we choose to expose in our lives and what do we choose to conceal? In which tone of light is that exposure illuminated? How do we position these facets of ourselves to better our progression in each given circumstance?

These are the concepts that have been explored in the following body of work. The notion that each of us wear many masks. In certain scenarios we are one person and in others we are another. We intuitively deliver a chosen version of ourselves in each given situation to advance our progression. These works are built from a belief that we all have a form of multiple personalities that we shift and manage to form the amalgamation of how we are perceived within the world. The works are a speculative, evolving exploration into the human condition.

Throughout these works you will see these considerations visually manifested. You will see the organized chaos of a person who has lived a very transient life. Someone who has moved countless times around the world and who has had the opportunity to adapt to many different cultures, situations and relationships.

The viewer will experience these concepts visually uncover via fragmented, contorted beings, the contrast of both colorful and stark emotional kaleidoscopes flowing together and building tension to ultimately release a myriad of feelings within ourselves.

A universal interconnectivity of personality both externally and internally is shown abstractly within the merged and coalescing body parts, objects and scenes within the works. Intensely emotional strokes add movement and life to the different turmoils, joys and tensions within the abstracted subject matter to highlight the impassioned relationships hidden within one’s self or purposefully displayed beyond the surface.

Gallery: Vobia
Curator: Jisoo Lee

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