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Can Garita Founder, Sarah Suco Torres

Can Garita is a new contemporary art gallery located in a vernacular space in Sa Caleta, Ibiza, and seeks to design a new way to experience exhibitions. Launched by Sarah Suco Torres, who worked in several blue-chip contemporary art galleries in New York, Brussels, and Paris, Can Garita will host its inaugural exhibition featuring a solo exhibition by Grason Ratowsky, a New York artist, based in Mallorca. “After five great years at Perrotin, launching this project feels like a dream come true, as I have always felt at home on this magical island”. Parallel to the second edition of CAN Art Fair, Can Garita is proud to showcase a new series of paintings by Ratowsky. After my first stay in Ibiza, I was completely taken by the charm of this island, where energy and tranquility coexist. I was firstly enchanted by the architecture, where function and symbol merge. In Ibiza, I would have my first encounter with las ‘Casetas de Pescadores’ and I was fascinated by this type of construction, and always believed in that exhibition. The ‘Casetas’ were living elements that evolved from an eminently fishing use to a recreational and social use. The challenge of Can Garita is to immerse itself in a natural area away from the urban hustle. Our goal is to revisit our habits when it comes to our relationship to space and time, the old and the new, and our prejudices towards the private and the collective. The work is no longer enclosed in its space and its modernity. To go out of the box requires us to also rethink the space and thus the time.

– Sarah Suco Torres

Gallery: Can Garita
Curator: Sarah Suco Torres

 Kaleidoscopes, 2023, Ibiza Chapter

For the Ibiza chapter of this concept the artist honed a deepened focus on the internal aspect of our personas dissecting the inner dialog within ourselves in an effort to trace the patterned conditional kaleidoscopes of our inner realities. This new body of work looks introspectively to question our relationship within our own beings. What is the internal process of deliberation that happens that directs what we expose to the outside world? How do we act differently in a solemn space versus a community space? How much or little of our true, pure selves does anyone get to see and interact with? In the heat of different emotions such as passion, anger or joy does this internal decision making not calculate quick enough to allow our true beings to be exposed? These works take a look at this immediate and intuitive decision making and realizes these considerations into physical demonstrations of art.

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