Artist Statement – Short:

My works are physical representations of the extruded subconscious. Fragments of memories, experiences and imagination come forth to compile uniquely schematic arrangements that invite the viewer to move into a space of speculation.  Rooted in expressionism, the process involves a surge of wild strokes to a given surface with little end intention in mind. Once the vision begins to reveal itself, steps of deduction and abstraction ensue to finally highlight and exemplify form and figure.

In this way, I do not hold a definite intention to paint objectively; I paint what lies in between. I paint the writing between the lines. When a figurative object placed in a scene is brought to life in my paintings, it is not the figure itself that I am translating but the emotion it evokes. I highlight the soul of the scene rather than the universal comprehension of it.

Merging the lines between neo/abstract expressionism with surrealism and figuration help me rearrange the usage of output to identify a hidden meaning. An unforeseen truth is revealed to the viewer in which they’re able to weave in their own personal emotional value and story.

Artist Statement:

For me art is a bridge between the physical and metaphysical—a journey into the depths of memories, experiences, and imagination. Each piece I craft is a tangible manifestation of this extruded subconscious, a compilation of fragments that coalesce into uniquely schematic arrangements. These compositions beckon the viewer, inviting them into a realm of speculation, where interpretation takes flight.

At the heart of my artistic process lies expressionism—a visceral, emotive surge translated into wild strokes upon a blank canvas, devoid of predetermined intent. It is within this uninhibited beginning that the vision gradually unfurls, prompting a delicate dance of deduction and abstraction. Through this meticulous process, forms and figures emerge, ultimately exemplifying a refined semblance.

However, I do not adhere to a definitive objective in my art; instead, I navigate the nebulous spaces in between. I paint the narratives that exist beyond the surface, capturing the essence that resides in the interstices. When I depict a figurative element within a scene, it is not merely the object itself I aim to translate, but the raw emotion it evokes—the soul pulsating within the frame. My focus is not on the universal comprehension of the scene but on illuminating its emotional core.

The amalgamation of neo/abstract expressionism, surrealism, and figuration serves as my artistic compass, guiding me to redefine the conventional use of output. It is through this amalgam that I unearth hidden meanings, unanticipated truths that unfold for the viewer. Each piece becomes a canvas for personal interpretation, inviting individuals to weave their own emotional tapestries and stories into the art I present.

Through this fusion of styles and intentions, I strive to transcend the confines of traditional representation, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in a realm where emotions and stories intertwine. My art is not merely a visual rendition but a portal into the uncharted territories of the human experience, beckoning others to explore the depths of their own subconscious and emotions.

Select Text of Recent Exhibits:

Part I, Seoul:
“In Each Of Us There Are Many”

For this exhibit the multiple emotional layers of the artist’s works have been dissected to show the realization that in each of us there are many. Humans are incredibly multidimensional. We are built to adapt. To mold. To shift given each scenario. To evolve in one’s self and externally with others.

What do we choose to expose in our lives and what do we choose to conceal? In which tone of light is that exposure illuminated? How do we position these facets of ourselves to better our progression in each given circumstance? What defines our true authentic selves?

These are the concepts that have been explored in the following body of work. The notion that each of us wear many masks. In certain scenarios we are one person and in others we are another. We intuitively deliver a chosen version of ourselves in each given situation to advance our progression. These works are built from a belief that we all have a form of multiple personalities that we shift and manage to form the amalgamation of how we are perceived within the world. The works are a speculative, evolving exploration into the human perspective.

Throughout these works you will see these considerations visually manifested. You will see the organized chaos of a person who has lived a very transient life. Someone who has moved countless times around the world and who has had the opportunity to adapt to many different cultures, situations and relationships.

The viewer will experience these concepts visually uncover via fragmented, contorted beings, the contrast of both colorful and stark emotional kaleidoscopes flowing together and building tension to ultimately release a myriad of feelings within ourselves.

A universal interconnectivity of personality both externally and internally is shown abstractly within the merged and coalescing body parts, objects and scenes within the works. Intensely emotional strokes add movement and life to the different turmoils, joys and tensions within the abstracted subject matter to highlight the impassioned relationships hidden within one’s self or purposefully displayed beyond the surface.

Part II, Ibiza:

The Ibiza chapter of this artistic concept represents a deep dive into the multifaceted landscapes of human introspection and self-discovery. Here, the artist navigates the layered depths of our internal narratives, unraveling the complex tapestries that define our individual realities. At the heart of this exploration lies the examination of our inner dialogues, the nuanced conversations that often mold our perceptions, beliefs, and actions. Through a series of artistic expressions, the artist aims to dissect the patterned conditional kaleidoscopes that shape our innermost selves.

This new body of work, forged from a heightened focus on internal aspects, serves as a catalyst for probing the dynamics governing our relationship with ourselves. It encourages contemplation about the internal processes guiding our decisions regarding which aspects of ourselves to reveal to the external world. How do we navigate the divide between our private, contemplative space and the more communal, public spheres? What facets of our genuine selves do we opt to showcase or veil in diverse settings? These inquiries form the foundation for exploring human authenticity and the interplay between our inner truths and external personas.

Furthermore, the artwork seeks to untangle the intricacies of decision-making amidst the tumult of emotions. It examines how, in moments suffused with intense feelings like passion, anger, or joy, our internal decision-making might struggle to match the urgency of expression. Do these raw emotions hinder or facilitate the revelation of our true selves to the world? The immediacy and instinctiveness of these decisions become focal points, as the art endeavors to embody these reflections into tangible, visual manifestations.

The resulting creations from this artistic pursuit act as mirrors, reflecting the immediacy and complexities of human decision-making. They materialize as physical representations of these introspective musings, inviting viewers to contemplate the nuances of human authenticity, the interplay between internal contemplation and external expression, and the subtleties of revealing our genuine selves amid the diverse spectrum of emotions. Ultimately, Ratowsky’s “Kaleidoscopes” chapter encapsulates an immersive voyage into the enigmatic realms of human consciousness and the intricate processes that govern our interactions with ourselves and the world around us.

-Sarah Suco Torres

Part III, New York:
“Of Light And The Absence Of”

Step into the transcendent realm of Grason Ratowsky’s latest singular style exhibit, “Of Light and the Absence Of,” in East Hampton, New York. This exhibition marks the thrilling culmination of the concept umbrella “In Each of Us There Are Many,” where Ratowsky weaves realizations to create an exciting new body of work specific to this location. A mesmerizing exploration of expressionism awaits, pushing beyond the confines of the physical and metaphysical. Ratowsky’s paintings burst with life, emanating an electric energy that draws viewers into a captivating dance of vivid colors and raw emotions.

Within this vibrant tapestry, Ratowsky’s artistic movements go beyond mere subject representation; they beckon us to feel the very essence of light and its absence. With each brushstroke, Ratowsky guides our emotions, allowing us to immerse ourselves in the interplay of brightness and shadow. Confident bursts of color reveal a profound truth—the shadows that haunt our inner selves are not entities themselves; instead, they arise from the lack of illumination. Amidst bold splashes of luminous pigments cascading across the canvas like beacons of hope, there exist areas of depth and obscurity—the shades that linger at the fringes of the light’s embrace.

As we navigate “Of Light and the Absence Of,” a poignant realization takes hold—the core of our being transcends mere luminance; it resides in the delicate balance of both radiant light and mysterious shadows. Ratowsky’s paintings serve as a testament to the beauty found in this interplay, unveiling the profound depth and complexity of the human experience. Embracing this delicate balance allows us to embark on a journey of emotional exploration, where moments of joy intertwine harmoniously with contemplative obscurity. The exhibition becomes a reminder of the transformative power of experiencing the artworks on an emotional level, seeking harmony within our beings, and celebrating the interplay of light and darkness that lies within us. Ratowsky’s singular style, which invites us to feel within the works rather than merely cognitively identifying the subject matter, summons us to embrace our multifaceted nature, acknowledging that it is in the union of all our elements that we truly discover the fullness of our existence.

– Alexander DiJulio

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