More Exit


‘Imi Ola is a Hawaiian phrase meaning “to seek our best life“. I believe this is what the two of you do consistently, and I feel this way when we are sharing experiences as well. It is inspiring to witness and so it is the inspiration behind this work. Last time in Ibiza when we were on the small boat going to Formentera I remember Mahea telling me about her happy place – Hawaii. The colors, smells, sights and nature that inspire her and bring her peace. That image stuck in my mind and I wanted to incorporate that feeling into this piece as well so you could share and live with a small interpretation of that essence in your new space. I also wanted to incorporate the two of you, and your best lives that I see in you – abstractly into the work. A sort of third person, outer-being version of yourselves imagined and developed in my signature style. Dancing, chasing, whispering and loving one another no matter where you are in the world. I see the weightless wings of Her on the left taking flight and Him in an awestruck, steadfast stare at her, into her. Holding her. Another version of Her on the right whispering into His ear. You wear bright, colorful headdresses and are surrounded by the nature, colors and animals of the land you love. A continual dance together through life. The relationship and your beings are yet grounded and foundationally strong, represented in the dark, weighted stone like essence of the bottom half of the piece. This work to me depicts your journey together seeking and enjoying your best lives together.

I hope you enjoy & all my love,


Thank you!