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“De La Tierra”

De La Tierra silently speaks to the heart of Mallorca. The works are made with materials sourced directly from the land – breathing an eternal connection and literal lifeblood into the works from the Island itself. This singular and unique material usage captures the essence of the earth within the art, to be sensed and enjoyed forever.

The two expressionist works are composed of intense emotional output and gestural strokes later defining scenes and stories full of movement and sensation. In an effort to further compliment the meticulously intentional balance in the space where the works are to be hung, the pieces were created and titled “Dia” y “Noche”. This concept of day and night, yin and yang, feminine and masculine, heavy and light – is essential in design and spatial flow and also felt natural in the motif of the works, carefully adding to the calculated harmony of the space without overwhelming it.

The works inclusive of wild, dynamic strokes of hand-made charcoal, clay and paint add to the passion and emotion of the expressionism and abstract figuration in the scenes to effectively deliver living, breathing works that encourage new speculation per viewer. Later, small intentional details such as natural beings and primitive, animalistic forms take shape and invite the viewer to weave in their own personal path and story.

“De La Tierra Series”
“Dia” & “Noche”
Acrylic, Charcoal & Clay on Canvas
175cm H x 147cm W

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