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“All of Me” is a piece that captures the ever evolving states of exposure and endless facets of an impassioned relationship. The title is leading to the subject matter. In the work, there are soft instances of vulnerability, tenderness and affection between man and woman. The work simultaneously depicts an inner liberation of a rousing beast-essence to convey the dualities and parallel personalities that live in each of us, and unceasingly materialize throughout a balanced relationship – illuminating the myriad of colors and layers that we hold within. In such a relationship, the good is exposed, the bad is exposed, all is exposed. This is shown through the multi-headed, dual personalities of the man and beast (Minotaur) allured by the ever changing behavioral invitations of the woman. This stirring of emotion builds in a depth of layers to add to the congruent opposition or juxtaposition within the piece.

Wild, undefined strokes of charcoal, clay and paint add to the passion and emotion of the abstract figuration in the scene to effectively deliver a living work that encourages new speculation per viewer.

-Grason Ratowsky

“All of Me”

Acrylic, Charcoal, Clay, Oil Stick on Canvas

4’ H x 6’W

Placement Examples

Detail Close Up
Content Perspective

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