“Boda En Jornets”

117cm x 130cm
Acrylic, Charcoal, Oil Stick, Pastel, Clay on Canvas

In Jornets, a small hamlet in the heart of Mallorca, a group of five of us came together to commemorate Marc & Jenn’s spontaneous “test” wedding, an event that evolved into a key inspiration for their official ceremony. Through this piece, I sought to encapsulate a sequence of moments shared on that remarkable day. Employing my signature style—marked by movement, abstraction, distortion, and fragmentation—I aimed to amalgamate fleeting instances, reflecting the essence of our cherished connections. These fragments were imbued with the distinct emotion, energy, love and space that resonated profoundly with each of us during that unique shared experience.

Lo, Zarin & I adoring the couple in focus. Zarin officiating the bond. Framed kisses under an arch of dripping Bougainvillea. A white horse. Love, freedom and youth. Surreal, honey kissed light. Warm fresh Jasmine air. Wine, olives and wild pomegranate. This work is an effort to capture in an abstracted manner, the spirit of that space and time for Jenn & Marc to remember and revisit their “Boda en Jornets”.

While remembering the sandstone, sun-burnt, muted tones of that day, I also wanted to stay in line with Jenn & Marc’s aesthetic and taste of the interior of their home. The piece is mostly muted, subtle natural tones with a few select strokes of emotive color to function harmoniously within their space.

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